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2011 May

In google search resluts  “sale” is 1000% different from “for sale”note.


1985 MOdel AE86 1.6G MT , NO-PS, 140k-real meter.


Bonnet, side fender–carbon.

Fron break capliper for RX7 use utilized

Wheel–detachable and canbe adjustable-type.


Streight muffler,

Engine compression modified.

FOB Japan Yen550,000.-

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US importers, AI TAG analizer is likely to take R32 to be modelHNR32 and rb2odet skyline, reasoning that R32 is BNR32 note.

BNR32 is right model in Japan, but not in the US. HNR32 skyline is 4wd skyline 2.0 re20det 2019. The google AI is not so smart to understand between N/skyline type M turbo 2.0 and R32 and GTR R32 skyline. GTR is BNR32 2.6 RB26dett, and

R33 is BCNR33 GTR. R33 means sometimes ECR33 type M 2.5G






1989 skyline BNR32 GTR km-un-known 2.6G 4WD GTR fob Japan

(photos available right away). repainted blue. the speed meter reads 62,000km aroudn.



(Pay-be on time before that,please–established customers only)

1991 R32 GTR RB26DETT-

KM-un-known repalced on the way.

T78-33D 16cm–turbin(T78 is good, because T88 34D is bad for heart attcks–heavy G note)
Tome high cam shaft
Tomei sprocket
Strengthened timing belt
600cc injectors
Tomei metal gasket, intake manifold and throttle gasket
Port mirror-polished
HKS F-con V pro-air flawless
HKS Inter cooler
HKS silent muffler
Nismo fuel pump
Nismo 320km speed meter
Twin plate clutches
Pilo tension rod
HKS coil overs
Slit rotar
Waste gate
Sard brand sports catalizer
Aluminum radiator
R33 Nissan original standard AW
Tires–Neova, 50% worn out consition.





BNR34 engine RB26DETT ,BCNR33 transmission
Gold professional, Kin pro 3.3
Nismo turbin x2
Tomei 260″ cam shaft for ins and outs
Tomei cam pully
Tomei head gasket
Tomei strengthened timing belt
Nismo big capacity fuel pump
Nismo N1  oil pump
Nismo N1 water pump
HKS fuel delivery
HKS 800cc fuel injectors
Britz regulators
Blitz racing spark plug NO-9
Trust skelton cam cover
JC project heater hose set
Aluminum radiator
Kinokuni oil cooler element set-ups
Trust oil cooler
HKS Inter cooler–12cm
KHS Intake piping kets(air flowless)
Trust intercooler pipings
Strenthened center differential
front Olinze hight changer 10kngs
Cusco pilp ball upper mount
Rear–Orlinz hight changer 8kigs -Cusco pilp ball upper mount
Section–Side inner brace,
R-Rgid color, F-pilp tension rod

BNR34-modified 50 and 50 high capacity break master(ABS OKed)
Front brake–Brenbo F50-foating rote-R32 kits
rear–IDINON-carbon break pud.

HKS blow off valve
Stainless echaust manifold
HKS stainless outlet

Catalic converter–strieght-processed
Top secret stainless front pipes
Apex muffler–middle 80-pai

Recaro seats, EVC3,
LED electric valve panael
NIsmo 320 km meter with LED valve

Nismo brand knee pad
Trust boost meter
LED room lights
350W woofer-2 600W amplifier
1DIN CD palyer

Wheel–5 jigen pro racer 18 inch 9.5J

HiD valve  6000k

Carbon bonnet(Engine room water protection)
NIsmo tower bar
Cusco tower bar

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
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