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toyota corolla AE86 levin #forsale 4A1.6 importing

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2017 toyota corolla levin ae86 1.6 4AGEU

No inside panels, solex, Inter cooler. We try to fix flat tires, no inside panel–NO.

Or just take this as parts. Do you have 20 feet container which get out from Japan.

We handle 20 feet container, too but you must fill it up by other parts, otherwise very expensive

Engine good, Inter-cooler, 3 layer radiator, solex

In parts export, 20 feet container partial shipment is also expensive note.



the right 10 ton truck exports such as cw540,CD54 etc.

I am in the middle. Both are 10 ton truck mechanics



1983 corolla levin ae86 fob Japan Yen500,000.-

1983 toyota corolla levin ae86 4ageu for sale japan km-un-known

1983 toyota corolla levin ae86 4ageu for sale japan km-un-known-1

1983 toyota corolla levin ae86 4ageu for sale japan km-un-known-2




Good working ondition.
1987 toyota corolla levin ae86 1.6 for sale in japan 200k

sudden high RPM--good. clutch Strengthened, Clutch--good

sudden high RPM–good.
clutch Strengthened, Clutch–good

Drive shaft--good. Idlbleing Stable--good. The drive shaft--good

Drive shaft–good.
Idlbleing Stable–good.
The drive shaft–good



1986 toyota corolla levin mods MT,km-un^known.

Right now speed meter reads 19,000km around.

fob Japan Yen750,000 OBO=USD6500.-

The condition::good working as it is now.

All you payis fob Japan +sea freight

fob Japan=car cost+JPN Inland transport+JPN forwarding fee.

Clutch--good,Piston rings no worn out. The car goes streight

Clutch–good,Piston rings no worn out. The car goes streight

1986 toyota corolla levin ae86 1.6 mods modified for sale in japan 2

1986 toyota corolla levin ae86 1.6 mods modified for sale in japan

2012 Mar


If front clip needed,


2010 Mar.10 offer-freedom ECU ae86


Those days AE82 1987 corolla levin GT apex and ToyotaSprinter GT Cielo as per photo

I exported NZ tons.


If you want to glance over other AE86 here, use it in the search box in the right below down  search box exist in the left URL


2010 Mar.9

advice to importers, Be advised that you say near junk-condition-AE86 or highly refined ae86 with freedom ECU and solex etc, because each has big difference of price. As long as you fix it, AE86 is cheap note, but perfect condition is limitless expensive. OVerseas no need coupe 2 doors. but I exported to Melboune-Wide fender, roll cage, engine–high compression of AE111,

UK , Aus, NZ, HIgh compression engine do need metal gasket, becaue customers make engine to full power in sandlot racing. I do not remeber well engine itself–20valve-corolla levin engine those–I exported to NZ. I wonder if it was AE101. HIghly regined AE86 is highly top-prced, but good


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Use search box in the first page if you look for other AE86.


1986 toyota corolla levin MT, 170,000km around.

Modified portion–LSD, tank gurad, undergurad for dart use. AW-Toms and Enkei.

C and F UK or IReland Yen400,000.- sea freight included

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IF you need more detailed photos more, let us know –we rush them to you

AC-breaks down, left door not open-repair a must down there.