1988 #suzuki #alto #works #turbo #RSR #for #sale #japan import


1988 suzuki alto works MT, not RSR,


1988 suzuki alto works ca72v 550cc for sale japan a

1988 suzuki alto works ca72v 550cc for sale japan

1987 suzuki alto works RSR MT . Engine,mission good working

condition. The speed meter read 19,000km around. KM-un-known status.

ACA CAA aution :Stomping ground of ours

ACA CAA aution :Stomping ground of ours



1987 suzuki RS-X turbo, Model:CA72V MT 105,000km around.

Good working condition; fob Japan Yen530,000.- but the owner say negotiable.

He is waiting for your counter ovver-to-buy price.

1987 suzuki RS-X turbo for sale in japan ca72v 550cc (1)

The model;CA72v, 550cc

The model;CA72v, 550cc


I guess that buyer better know twitter conception, otherwise you are out of date–

You cannot buy any used cars at all. It is speed itself.

this turbo has keyword of “Nostalgic”–business mode is quite different from 10 years ago




1996 altoworks turbo 140k-11988 MT 550cc stuff, MT 4WD120,000km, agent, low rates, YEn50,000.- per unit PLUS mecelanusfees-japan inland transport, de registration job,booking vessel, all export papers works.


The home here belong to the main, others are for sub.

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403
http://kuroyanagi1excavator.wordpress.com/ forlklifts and excavators

E-mail only please, ecause night and days get upside downs with each other

Whenever you are lost, sign in, in googleweb. There are2 type of googleweb, sign in or signe out.
sign in or out location is right upper portion in goodle seach web


1996 suzuki alto works turbo IE MT 140,000km FOB Japan YEn110,000.-

Suspension get  viverations.

1996 altoworks turbo 140k

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1989 and down any used cars, please search box,please, AE86,skyline bnr32, DR30,

trueno,sprinter, levin,kei truck-550cc,PGZ31,PZ fairlady,

14 Responses to “1988 #suzuki #alto #works #turbo #RSR #for #sale #japan import”

  1. Hey Any Idea if you can ship this to Sydney Australia and how much thankyou>?

  2. hi in regurds to 1988 alto works,
    does the price of 250’000yen include cost of car also? never imported a car from japan befor and am unformmiliar with costs involved.

    will this car be road registerable or strictly race/rally only?


    • Thanks for inquiry, Admcvet,
      You can depend on me, Aus used car import. I did tons of time and still doing, 1988 is importable, but 1989 and up no.
      1987 and down OK to you. Yen250,000 fob Japan Pls sea freight is C&F Aus, any major Port, Brisbane, Melborne, Sydny . Sea freight Suzuki will be YEn60,000.- to Yen70,000.-

      After arrival, you pay Aus duty and import forwarding fee unless you do import forward youself.

      You can register Suzuki down there. a bit modified fine to you.
      If you buy too much modified, you might pay a bit more Aus custome house fee. My offer car for you is not strictly race car at all. Rather–normal stuff, For biggner, normal stuff is safer.

      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  3. Hi Kazuo,

    Am very interested in the ’88 AltoWorks.
    Can you please tell me if you can ship to Inida.
    Since you are in the Import industry, can you please confirm to me the final price including shipping and the customs that will be levied.

    Would appreciate the feedback.


    • thanks for inquiry, but you must get a double sure of India used car import regulation. I can offer to you alto works turbo anytime you like.
      I am not at all familiar with India used car import regulation.

      Reson–once you processed your bank wore transfer, No cancellation business term, so are you sure of 1988 model being importable to India?


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  4. hi i am lookin for a alto works shipped ireland

  5. Dear Kazuo,
    Is the 88 Alto still for sale? If so can you please email more details and photos?
    Kind regards

  6. I am interested in a Works Alto, please let me know complete price including delivery to England. Many thanks

  7. its still there ?i need your help.thanks

    • Thanks, Mike, Still here, but your target would not meet ours at all,becuase this is perfect classic car. Probably Christies auction is the most appropriate, Budd. Sincerely,
      Only your choice id that I will search other RSR
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

      • i am owner of a SUZUKI ALTO GL model ’91 with 3 doors and maybe only one in all Greece ..!i am interesting for parts if you dont have a car,doors or motor,because here they dont have nothing,you can help me??if you have e-mail or facebook to speak better!!thank you for your time.MIKE FROM GREECE!!

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