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1991 honda beat pp1 660cc for sale in japan

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1991 honda beat convertible MT 52,000km around.

MT.Audio–breaks down. Radiao antennna is missing.

Otherwise good working conditon.

Gears all smooth opearations. Car goes streight

The drive shaft good.
Idling stable–good.
Clutch is good


Payment:C&F only in advance



1991 honda beat pp1 specs for sale in japan 120k1991 honda beat pp1 660cc
120,000km around MT.
Good working condition.


1991 honda beat model:PP1,MT 84,000km around.

good working as it is.



nagoya port japan

nagoya port ja








1991 honda beat pp1 specs for sale in japan 120k-1


1991 honda beat pp1 specs for sale in japan 120k-2

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