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Importing 25 year old vehicles from Japan

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DVM siezed illegal skyline import 2011 Mar.

1980 around Pontiac grand prix  400 cubic or 450cubic engine–same model in North hollywood  displacement–7000cc arounddrag BNR34 GTR GT2340

 The above 2,000 model RB26DETT BNR34 GTR with tiwn turbins GT2340s, not
Hakosuka GTR. if Quarter miles drag race, probaly 9.5 seconds around, because this wear twin turbins, not T88 34D single turbin. I estimate 500ps around for middle range speed use.

1966 NIssan skyline GTR, Hakosuka, MOdel KPGC10 GTR 100,000km around.

If you are rich American, just take this. I just do not know which side, buyer and seller, decide break-even point of price. Just take your time for purchase, then your KPGC will be transported into by us, and roro vessel and insured. Your final destination will be Bltimore,NY port, or long beach? When I was kids period, I used to see tons , KPGC10 GTR wearing wide tires. L2800 Datsun fairlady used wear wide tires. Anyway importing-25-year-old vehicles is 1986 and down year old any vehicles. As I am Japanese here, I would rather be intersted BNR34 Nissan skyline GTR around 2000 model. Let me put photos anyway for ref.

1966 KPGC GTR-100,000km around

Just come to Japan and take it, American folks–Air fare is just nothing to you for such high priced purchase as for skylines. Just negotiate price with seller, so do not ask me price.

My interests–US make Pontiac grand prix with engine 450 cubic–I used to drive it LA area

when I was 35 year old around -big gas eater

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
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E-mail first, come that may,  Direct call later,please,but established customer.
In google search, you better put the word (japan), because we sell in Japan.


Skyline Hakosuka sale, Not GTR,but GT

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1971 Hakosuka skyline sedan 85,000km around.

Model:GC10 2000cc gasoline.
1971 hakosuka skyline gc10 sale japan


1971 hakosuka skyline gc10 sale japan-1


1971 hakosuka skyline gc10 sale japan-2



1971 Nissan skyline Hakosuka model-GC10 2.0G 5MT. km–un-known.

The condition–perfect condition.

Mods details

L20 engine
OER 3 seqential cab
Stainless Muffler
Coil overs
diq breaks for 4
15 inch wheels
R200 defferential
Light weight frywheel
Strengthened clutch
Tower bar
1971 nissan hakosuka skyline gc10 2000cc for sale japan
1971 nissan hakosuka skyline gc10 2000cc for sale japan-1
1971 nissan hakosuka skyline gc10 2000cc for sale japan-2


1977 Nissan skyline GT 2000 4 doors model GC10.

Engine 2600cc, not 2000cc MT4 Km–un-known. white, Photos available

YOu can ask us the photos. Price is negotiable now.


With your full bank tt advance, you have a right to negotiate with the seller.


Importing 25 year old cars vehicles on and on are popular for USA. Japanese RORO VESSEL

take that used car to longbeach, houston, baltimore, miami Port. 25 year old used cars in Japan

are mostly good conditioned unlike American used cars;American used cars are high miliage and run-down. The meaning of 25-yer-old is 1986 and down in Japan as registration year.Tons of 1986 and down used cars are still here such as Datsun 720 king cab,Nissan skyline KPGC GTR,1986 and down toyota corolla AE86 levin or trueno


1972 Nissan, skyline model-KGC10, 2.8G, 5MT 40,000kmMeter rea-only, not actual km).

Solex, L2800 GT, NOT GTR. If GTR, probaly price is 8 fold or something more than GT

I used to see tons of Hakosuka or GTR thosedays when I was 14,15 year old around.

I guess that L sreight engine is better than RB26DETT engine now.

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
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in the anserring machine

Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

E-mail first,
Later on my mobile +81 80 4542 xxxx
Mobile is only for established customer only

What counts is engine sudden rotation and Idling,
and what’s worse is that sort of serious problem unless
engine start right away. I must use data logger to adjust it if so.
Not auction grade 4.0 or R ettc. Neither of car body durface.
OIL slidge of Oil cap indicate engine broekn down sooner or later.
Unless you change oil 20,000kms around, Engine will goes into drain sooner or later.
I expemented myself through Honda stream, The dpeed around 130,000kms around
most of the time.

1982 Nissan skyline DR30 sale import japan

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1982 Nissan skyline DR30 sale MT 140,000km around 2.0G Weber carb. Stainless Octopus,

Strengthened clutch, Nisomo LSD, Cab shocks, Roll Cage,

FRP bonette, light weight fry wheel, Omori waater tmepreture meter.

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403