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1996 nissan sx 180 turbo for sale japan krps13 in

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1991 Nissan sx180 manual turbo model:krps13


1991 nissan sx 180 sx180 krps13 manual turbo for sale in japan


1991 nissan sx 180 sx180 krps13 manual turbo for sale in japan


1996 Nissan sx180 MT 2.0G turbo 160,000km around mods.

Good working condition.


1996 nissan sx 180 krps13 turbo for sale japan 160k


1996 nissan sx 180 krps13 turbo for sale japan 160k-1

1996 nissan 180sx turbo for sale japan 150k-2


HKS GT-SS turbin
GT-R fuel pump
Z32 air flow
“Sard” injectors
Tomei metal gasket
HKS front type inter-cooler
2 layer radiator
16 stage oil cooler

Nismo LSD 1.5way

Full tap coilovers

Nismo member brace

High tempreture type break pds for circuit use

Piro tension rod

member color

front end tower bar

rear pillar bard

Deffi oil, pressure,water and exhast tempreture meter
recaro full bucket seat
Momo steering
trust shft nob
full aero
GT wing


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1990 NIssan skyline GTS-T type M turbo sale HCR32 import

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1991 nissan skyline model:HCR32 2.0 MT gts-t typeM 238,000km around.

The good working conditions>

nissan skyline hcr32 gts-t typem for sale japan

turbo-good. the drive shaft–good.
Iddling stable–good.

hcr32 typeM turbo in japan model:HCR32

Exhaust color—good.


gts-t typeM turbo 1991


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1992 NIssan skyline Model HCT32 GTS-T MT 150,000km around.

One of a king as mods.

Mods contents as per under— HKS 2530 turbin

HKS strengthened actuator

444cc injector for GTr use.
fuel pump for GTR use.
Eearth points enlarged.
Low tempreture sermo
HKS Muffler
Front pipe,
catalic converter–streight
 Front set Apecx IC(turn-flow type)
 HKS pwer flow
 Bliz blow off valve(springs strengthened)
 Apex boost controller(super AVC?)
 Apex AFC
 HKS boost, oil pressure, oil, tempreture meters
 Splitfire tachi meter and water tempreture meter
 OS Giken twin plate clutch
Maker-un-known hight changer F10k R8k
 Cusco front upper arm
 Rear meber support-strengthened Uletan stuff
 C’s quick shift
 Apex front tower bar
 FRP bonnet
 Rearspoiler containing GTR flovor
Side seat of made of “GTR”
 Reize–17 inch
 Body pinting surface not good at all.


2011 April

1991 NIssan skyline turbo GTS-T type M MT 2.0G MT


GT2535 turbin Tomei cam,Tomei metal head gascket-1.2mm, HKS cum sproket,

Strengthend timing belt, front setup type inter cooler, Yoyo aruminum radiator,

HKS turbin outlet,HKS air cleaner, HKS muffler, big capacitied fuel injectors, toumei fuel pump,

CPU adjusted, Nismo Kupper clutch, Kurtz LSD, Jeel hight changer, swift spring,Cusco

stablizer front and rear,Side steps,P1 racing AW-17 inch, trust addional meters such as

boost,water tempreture, oil oil pressure, Pvot addional meter, Apex RSM, blitz full bucket seat,

Nardi steering

Model HCR32

1990 NIssan skyline GTS-T type M turbo sale HCR32 MT fully laded 110,000km around.

1990 HCR32 GTS-T 110-1

1990 HCR32 GTS-T 110k

1990 HCR32 GTS-T 110k-2

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