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1989 1990 1991 r 32 bnr T88 turbin 800ps nissan skyline gtr r32 drag for sale japan

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2017–so far I have exported BNR32 GTRs 27 units to West coast, USA;some belong very high performance car, while some are just normal twin turbines BNR32 GTRs.

I am mechanics and trader. I put big weight mechanical condition rhather than

out apperance. La port near san Pedro city, CA,  San Pedro, Gardena, Ridonndo beach, at which my US impoeters locations. One other Importer belong

North Holly wolld, Van Nays blvd near Venture Blvrd.

Thoretically BNRGTR is not so sophitocated cars being compared with



Tag:BNR32 GTR 800ps. 800ps is called in Japan “big ban turbin” which is single

turbin and 800ps turbin is called TT88 34d turbin. As it is very big power,

strengthened drive shaft, high cam shaft, triple clutch etc are needed.

T88 turbin is the most popular, while 1000ps,1200ps and 2000ps etc exsit/

2016 updated Offer C&FC basis. comission 15% of mine.

Keyward is BNR32 800ps by google please.

BNR32 is official model name in Japan, while “R32” is what foreign buyers are

likely to say without reason, So tag is BNR32 800ps(800ps is famous PS for turbin.

Greddy T88,T87 33,34d turbin 15cm or 22cm etc)

Quarter miles rap is around 9.0~9.2sec around.








1991-nissan-skyline-gtr-r32-bnr32-2-6-rb26fett-t88-turbin-for-sale-in-japan-6-2 1991-nissan-skyline-gtr-r32-bnr32-2-6-rb26fett-t88-turbin-for-sale-in-japan-7





1991 NIssan skyline fully tuned modified 800ps~900ps recorded with documents.

KM-un-known. Modified specs available. mor or less fob Japan Yen4,000,000.- included my 15 % comission note.

But tota price will be negotiable still. It is up to you.

Ican be interpreter fully to you. YOu betterbe in Japan and right on the spot of seller’s place.


BNR32=R32 GTR is more or less 280~330ps around.

GT2540 twin turbins–400-500ps. Or T87 34D single turbin around500ps.

T88 34D turbin-single turbin 800ps quarter miles are 9.2 seconds or so。

Ordinary BNR32 GTR is 280ps around with no tunes-ups.

Be advised that you better pruchase BNR32 GTR with high performance turbin.

High performance turbin must be suppored by other stuff, too such as,

strengthened drive shaft, gold pro–,ECU, high cams in and outs.




1989 Nissan skyline R32 BNR32 GTR

95,000km arround, good working condition.


gear shift smooth opearions, the emission color--good Piston rings--good

gear shift smooth opearions, the emission color–good Piston rings–good


the drive shaft good, Sudden engine high rrmp is good by pedal push

the drive shaft good, Sudden engine high rrmp is good by pedal push


the drive shaft good

the drive shaft good


In GTR case, professional auction grade--white elephant, but my pro inspection knowledge of mine

In GTR case, professional auction grade–white elephant, but my pro inspection knowledge of mine



BNR32GTR is hard to handle or maitain such as engine oil, gear oil, OIl pressure,

drive shaft,oill pump. Warmed over DVD from Old Video contents show the best oil, GTR’s weka point, without rear spoiler, tire size. Engine oil is the best USmake red line for GTR. BNR32 OIl pump is pretty weak point–be careful. Drive shaft is also weak point. Oil pressure is under 3kgs–no good–change oil right away along with gear oil,

because GTR gear oil and engine oil samem tempreture already note.So at the same time change gear oil,too. The best coil overs to prevent under in cornering.

Emission tempreture senseor is the best place, where? It all depend on the place,

each tempreture difference 50 centigrade.

R32 GTR is slower and less power than other GTRs, because video shows about it.

Ohter GTR is running in the Video, model BCNR33, and BNR34 GTR.

BNR32 GTR is the most light weight, but the the slowest(engine normal RB26DETT)

Video all japanese talkings, Mr Tsuchiya keiichi, You do translate it from Japanese

to Engish,  around 1 hours Video USD300.-+ EMS 100USD about 20 years ago video

total C&F USA USD400.– but you cannot import BCNR33 GTR, 1995/1 is the fisrt production note.BCNR33 GTR is 40kgs heavier than that of BNR32 GTR, but the fastest

and faster than BNR34 GTR. You can glance over CD from Video

GTR BCNR33 cetified the fastes

But If turbin is T88,T87 34D, quarter miles–9.2 seconds around

T88 34D is single turbin note.

Not DVD wormed over yet, but direct video shot movie by mobile phone.

The contenst partly





1991 nissan skyline gtr R32

model:BNR32 KM-un-known

We are very much mechanical-oriented car exporter, versed in rB26DETT

We are very much mechanical-oriented car exporter, versed in rB26DETT

Engine response good, Sudden dash RPM good, turbin noise none, drive shaft--good

Engine response good, Sudden dash RPM good, turbin noise none, drive shaft–good

All gear smooth opearated.

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(Ref. T88 turbin are much utilized as for GTR case. One single turbin.
But Idling are very unstable that is normal note.)




NIssan skyline 32 bnr BNR32 R32 GTR T88 34D for sale 1989 20 year old nostalgic collectible import regulation frontal impact import

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RB26+T78 turbo engine(Engine block-05U, blanced job done, 0.5 over-sized N1 piston,

Spcial head, N1 water pump,Nismo oil pump,-WPC processed), strengthened timing belt,

Boost range starts bood 1.5 from 3500rpm–600ps. T78 turbin like this range, while T88 is around 800ps. in case here belong 600ps.


1989 NIssan skyline MOdel’BNR32 GTR MT fully loaded, 70,000km 2.6G Engine,

Price negotiable. If you want more horse power, TDo7 turbinx2 will be apropriate such as 1300ps around. T88 34D is stronter than that of T88 33D–single turbin.

GT2540 turbin is around 450-500ps around, while T88 single turbin will be around700-800

ps around. T 88 turbin is used for 1/4 miles racing, at which 9.5-9.8 seconds around

1989 T88 34D 70k BNR32

1989 T88 34D 70k BNR32-11989 T88 34D 70k BNR32-2

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