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Full advance pay auction agent car.(No deposit, but full fob Japan pay)

1998 honda civic type R (B16b-vtec engine( 5F 88,000km around.

Kms is under 100,000km around comaparatively expensive.

1998 honda civic ek9 ek b 16b for sale japan 88k-3


1998 honda civic ek9 ek b 16b for sale japan 88k-1


1998 honda civic ek9 ek b 16b for sale japan 88k-2


1998 EK9 MT 130,000km around.

fpb Japan Yen490,000.- (3 minor dents ecist, white) Photos right away. Ask uu.



2013     ek9   —–


2012 oct.  Search ek9  here

1997 hond acivic ek9 type R MT 140,000km around 6MT 1.6G


2011 Oct.

1998 EK9 type R now on sale 77,000km 1.6G MT Vtec, white, arecaro seats.

fob Japan Yen 555,000.- Photos right wasy sending,

Ask us the photos


2000 EK9 civic type R MT 100,000km around,

Paymen arrval be on time, please before that—established cusomer only.


Alrhough B18C B16A etc do not belong to turbo, check point are more or less same.

I kind of guess that Vtec is faster than that of turbo by and large in sandlot racing

Appropriate body inspection(Not important)Minor
Engine blowing rising degree
Direct accelation feels to high RPM or not.
Turbin function such as noise,then  white smoke is out of question.
Engine oil, Radiator water color, Oil cap sludge trace,Gear feeling,
transmission time lag automatic, voltage check,drive shaft noise or not,
Water tempreture.  Clucth feeling–clutch worn out or not.
Emission color.
Idling unstable in a high boost is natural, but generally low boost set up.
T88 turbin has sometimes high boost presuure.
If PS motor breaks down, I take off PS belt, fix in your place. HIgh cost in Japan.


Other EK9 or vtec, Try to use search colmun


2010 Mar 22. offer EK9 B18C car


Other EK9


1997  110,000km MT vtec engine, engine, mission good working condition

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———2010 April 7.
My mechanics policy

Used car is not for body condition, but engine itself such as engine sudden rotation by the sudden accelation, turbin function, Engine oil, Radiator water color, Oil cap sludge trace,Gear feeling, transmission time lag, Naturally I inspect voltage for any cars, Drive shaft, Emission color, Most buyers just care about only body condition. If the engine is bad, the car is just white elephant and just box. Please change what you think toward used cars if you do not want to lose money. Body repair is just nothing, but Engine repair mount to tons of bucks. Auction is very risky site if the bidder has not machanics-oriented mind. Why customers care about only body? Most JPN car exporters do not have mechanics knowledge. Thier decidion to bid in auctions is like this they bid for the used car as long as engine is rotated as it is on the spot. They do not care for the long span of engine. Voltage check is important–Full batt recharge with alternator breaks-down is in a short time car can run, but later on very big probelem from Japan to overseas. because it take long time for such covering car to reach to your place. See alternator breaks down–lots extra addional charges must be added on the way to you place. Engine blowing rising dgree+sudden high RPM is important with sudden accelation let alone free ECU and solex equipment. Turbin noise is out of question. Boost pressure is normal range story, not 1.3 or something. Metal gasket is sometime in need.