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2018 2016 2015 2012 2013 toyota hiace kdh201v kdh 201 diesel long super gl for sale japan

June 12, 2014

2020 2008 toyota hiace van AT 11 seaters 2700cc gasoline, 4wd,GL,package,140,000kms around. The model;TRH228. Good working condition.       =========== 2020 2008 toyota hiace van X AT 3.0 diesel 145,000kms around 3 seaters. Good working conditions. ========= 2016 July toyota hiace van AT DX  GL package 3.0 diesel  120,000kms around. Good working conditions. MOdel:KDH201V […]

1987 mitsubishi lancer ex turbo a175 for sale japan

March 20, 2014

============== 1984 mitsubishi ex-turbo model;a175a 1800cc 14,000kms around–wound up for saure. Good working conditions       ================= 2019 2 units stay in professional used cars auction:the 2 prices auction ex-go-down goes over 1 million Yen(already wild price). Tow sellers say “Negotiable”, so I am wating for your counter offer to buy, Chance not dead […]

toyota corolla levin ae86 gt apex for sale japan

December 5, 2013

  I gurantee the down-noted car ae86. real Maccoy perfect conditioned AE86 GT Apex. Sudden high RPM is good right after one push pedal ==================== This not my stock, but friend.Price negotiable. Talkto the seller directly if possible in front of the AE86. 1987 toyota corolla levin GT apex, MT, conditions–Perfect condition, auction grade-4.0 Nothing […]

1993 1994 mitsubishi 2002 ct9a ce9a lancer evolution evo 7 for sale in japan

October 21, 2013

2021 2002 mitsubishi lancer evo evolution 7 ct9a 2.0 4wd 4×4 AT 140,000kms around. Good working conditions. Automatic   ============ 2019 Oct updated 1994 Mitsubishi lancer evolution 5MT 2.0 4WD 120,000kms around. Goog working conditions as it is. Car location;North part in Aichiken, Japan. Specially engine quick rotation to high RPM is very funky quick. […]

1989 1992 toyota ae101 corolla levin ae92 ae111 gtz supercharger sale japan GT Z

December 10, 2012

  =============== 1992 toyota levin AE101 MT supercharged GT-Z 63,000km around. Good working condition.   ===================================== 1997 AE111 MT Mods supercharged,   1989 toyota corolla levin GT-Z super charger. 130,000km around. supercharged. Goodorking condition. ============================ 1989 toyota corolla levin ae92 gtz supercharger sale japan 54,000km around 1.6G supercharger. Engine:4a-gza 16valve DOHC Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan […]

1995 toyota corolla levin ae111 bzr bz-r bz r for sale japan sprinter trueno

October 30, 2012

  I have not  changed oil wi\for 20,000kms around. Engine blew up, Running speed 120~130kms around. ================= 1997 toyota corolla levin BZR MT 1.6G, fast car, 119,000kms around. Good working conditions as it is Model:AE111,       ================= 1999 toyota sprinter trueno ae111 1600 117,000kms around BZ-R 6MT/ Goog working conditions.       […]

#1997 #toyota #corolla #gt #ae111 for rsale #japan

April 8, 2012

  Kazuo Kuroyanagi,Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan 610-go GO 104 TO OSHIKU SKYHIGHTS Oshikusa Danchi Shiratori 4-6 Aichi-gun, Aichi-Ken 470-0155 TEL FAX 0561-42-4432 ( Only Answering machine working is just good enough at first   ======================= 2018/DEC 1999 toyota corolla GT 6MT 1.6G 140,000km around. Good working conditions. Be advised that you better say how […]

#2000 #toyota #MR-S #for #sale in #Japan 2002 mrs

February 20, 2012

    ============== 2003 toyota MRS MT v edition 1800G Model:ZZw30 ,good working conditions. as it is.     =========================================     2002 honda Mr-S B edition MT 1.8 1800cc fully loaded 120,000km around. ================================= 2000 model toyota Mr-s 1.8G convertible (soft top) sales in japan. 147,000km around. Engine, Mission good working conditiions. Model ZZW3o, […]

2007 2008 Nissan Skyline GTR R35 for sale in japan

February 19, 2012

2021 2007 Nissan Skyline gtr  r35 AT Premium edition, 46,000kms around. 11.0kpa. Godd condition. My comission USS2,500.- per unit. auction break-downs sheet provided along inland trans port fee, will be JPN consumer tax,too This GTR fob Japan around Yen5,500,000.- Auction grade 4.5 2007 nissan skyline gtr r35 3.8 at 4wd GT-R premium edition ============== 2021 […]

#2001 1998 #toyota #Altezza #RS200 #Z #edition turbo #for #sale #japan

January 5, 2012

  ==================== 2020 happy new year, 1999 toyota altezza 6mT 2.0 RS200 TRD 220,000kms around. Good working conditionss a as it is. fob japan Yen 500,000.-       ======================= 1998 toyota altezza turbo RS200 turbo 6MT 95,000kms around. FOB Japan Yen640,000.- Good working conditions. Model:SXM10 2000cc gasoline. 6MR turbin::Non toyota brand turbin. Defi boost,oil, […]