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mazda miata roadster road racing car for sale japan

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model in Japan NB8C 2.1G
Mazda roadster racing tuned cars.
Mods details as per under,

Final gear changed from 3.909 to 4.3)
Mechanical LSD Cusco type RS 1.2 way-right now set upped 1 way)
clutch line shortened
Light weight wheel
turbo use clutch

One off light weight pully, water pump,crank pully)
Engine block and head procced (ports mirror polished, sheet cut, cylinder diameter
enlarged and mchanics tuned
Oil jet procced
High cimp piston (ma-le/85.5mm Variable valve timing reaction)
Light weight conrod, H beam type and stroke upped use)
Crankshaft(maruha motors/89mm stroke)
Oil pan buffled(maruha motors)
High cam and lifter inner-simmed(in/EX maruha motors/F cam)
Strengthened timing belt/Maruha brand
4 sequeantial slottles(maruha motors pai 45/ISCV controlled)
Exhaust Manifold(Maruha brand/VP header–vantae procced)
center pipes by “Third”-vantage procced

One off muffler(fujitsubo–special odered) tail peace 60 pai and vantage processed
Full controlled(E&E system/freedom)
Radiator reserve tank transferred:”Third” aluminum tank
washer tank–suzuki cappuccino

Oil catch tank:Okuyama aluminum tank)
Heat exchanger (Maruha motors brand/water cool oil cooler-front type)
radiator hose, heater hose (cylicon-make)
High pressure radiator cap (1.3kg/cm–“Maruha” motors brand
Aluminum radiator–“Maruha” motors brand

Spark plugs–NGK IRIway 8
Plug codes:NGK power cables
Coolant–Mazda coolant

Strengthened engine mount/Mazda speed
Strengthened diff mount /Mada speed
Strenthened muffler bush(Julan)
P.P.F diff traction rod(diff rigid mount process)
front end strat tower bar
8points roll cage(okuyama/official use /steel 40 pai)
Brace bar of seatblets(rail/steel, the center portion strengthened)

mazda roadster racing tuned nb8c 2.1L 4 slottles sale japan miata mx5 road (1)


mazda roadster racing tuned nb8c 2.1L 4 slottles sale japan miata mx5 road (2)


mazda roadster racing tuned nb8c 2.1L 4 slottles sale japan miata mx5 road (12)

FOB Japan Yen2,400,000.-


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