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1996 honda civic EK4 SIR B16A sale import japan birmingham dublin southampton

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2019 updated Oct.

1996 honda civic 5MT 1.6G SIR SIR 203,000kms around.

Model:EK4, good working conditon as it is, AC working not pdefect such as

sometime cold air be stoped, but most of the time cold air is flowiing outside>

honda civic ek4 sir vtec for sale in japan

honda civic ek4 sir vtec for sale in japan




1998 honda civic AT 89,000km around. B16A Vtec back head engine,

model:EK4, Beuatiful conditions. Working good conditions>

INside plush beuaiful,
Never ever repalce manual shift , ’cause ou cannot get over UK rush hours

Color not fade out, Auto transmission no time lags.
Engine start right away after click.

The drie shaft–good, Voltage good in running conditions.

No high spped vibrations.
China make tires are likely to have it,cuations


That is me. Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi.

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Right now my 5 pcs rib fractures in my back. Severeely pain,Ha!

My speciality:swift left streight



1995 honda civic ek6 1.6G air MT 190,000km around.

Good working condition, Engine response good.

honda civic ek4 sir sale japan 190k


honda civic ek4 sir sale japan sir 1.6 1995 190k


honda civic ek4 sir sale japan sir 1.6 1995 190k-1


honda civic ek4 sir sale japan sir 1.6 1995 190k-3

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2011 April

1996 honda Civic EK4 MT 90,000km around B16A 1.6G

18 inch, muffler, typw use recaro seats.


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