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1989 1990 1991 r 32 bnr T88 turbin 800ps nissan skyline gtr r32 drag for sale japan

January 19, 2016

  2017–so far I have exported BNR32 GTRs 27 units to West coast, USA;some belong very high performance car, while some are just normal twin turbines BNR32 GTRs. I am mechanics and trader. I put big weight mechanical condition rhather than out apperance. La port near san Pedro city, CA,  San Pedro, Gardena, Ridonndo beach, […]

1989 september nissan skyline gtr r32 for sale in japan

October 2, 2014

JUst sold out. 1990 /3 NIssna skyline GTR R23 mods, bored up . MIrror polished. 800ps one turbin. === 2015 1989 Nissan skyline GTR getlag 6mt km–un-known. model:BNR32, 2.6G EngineRB26dett. Piston rings–good. Idling stable–good. Sudden high RPM–good. Clutch good. Drive shaft–good. ========================= 1989/Sept registered nissan skyline GTR km-un-known. 260 km nismo speed meter replaced on […]

1999 mods nissan skyline r34 bnr34 skyline gtr for sale in japan

January 20, 2013

1999 Nissan skyline R34 gtr, 125,000km around. 6MT 2.6G modified. as per under. Apcxi ax75f turbin kit Wastegate Tomei 86.5 pai forged piston Tomei H surface conrod Tomei 260 degree In/Ex Tomei 1.2mm metal head gasket Tomei fuel delivery pipes Sard fuel regulator Sard fuel pomps–2pcs(intaked) sard 720cc injectors Sard alluminum 3 layer radiator Bulb […]

2007 2008 Nissan Skyline GTR R35 for sale in japan

February 19, 2012

2020 2007 Nissan skyline GTR 3.8 black edition AT 69k 20 inch AW. blembo 69k   ===================     ================== 2008 Nissan skyline r35 gtr AT 37,000kms around, good working condition.fob Japan Yen5,000,000.-firm     =============== 2018/DEC. 2008 R35 GTR FAT 36,000km around. Premium edition. Nothing more to be desired conditions 3.0G Don’t get wing […]

#Nissan #skyline #R33 #BCNR33 #GTR #for sale in #japan

May 5, 2011

Attaboy somebody did it. I’m over the moon race results Yo folks, that is nifty engine sounds as per down   ============= BCNR33=R33 but, American should use the former, “cause R33 means in a way that skyline 2.5G ECR33 turbo which is used for BCNR33 GTR mods. I am very confusing sometimes, US dued. 1995 […]

1999 2001,2002, nssan skyline r34 gtr bnr34 for sale in japan

May 4, 2011

2019 NOV. 2002 34,000kms BNR34 GTR Spec2 Nur BBS LM 18 inchi MT Engine;RB26dett, Nismo Muffler, Nismo sports setting. The condition; Nothing-to-be-desired-conditions:The shinny conditions. Onace agina 2002 model, 34,000kms around, 90,000kms, 95,000kms around–all right buyers. Payment C&F your contry by container, By roro vessel, extremely dangerous. Full advance C&F or no business,please. You can inspect […]

Skyline Hakosuka sale, Not GTR,but GT

April 4, 2011

  1971 Hakosuka skyline sedan 85,000km around. Model:GC10 2000cc gasoline.     ===========   1971 Nissan skyline Hakosuka model-GC10 2.0G 5MT. km–un-known. The condition–perfect condition. Mods details L20 engine OER 3 seqential cab Octpus Stainless Muffler Coil overs diq breaks for 4 15 inch wheels R200 defferential Light weight frywheel Strengthened clutch Tower bar タワーバー […]

#Nissan #skyline BNR32 #r32 #GTR #forsale import japan 1989 1991

March 20, 2011

US importers, AI TAG analizer is likely to take R32 to be modelHNR32 and rb2odet skyline, reasoning that R32 is BNR32 note. BNR32 is right model in Japan, but not in the US. HNR32 skyline is 4wd skyline 2.0 re20det 2019. The google AI is not so smart to understand between N/skyline type M turbo […]

NIssan skyline R34 BNR34 GTR RB26dett sale import rotterdam bremenhaven birmingham dublin

May 14, 2010

2013/AUG 2002 NIssan skyline GTR model BNR34 GTR 2.6 MT 84,000km around. Photos available to ask us. fob Japan Yenm2,955,500.- Specs mods:Kakimoto muffler, Kisenon lights, Keyless, Nismo intercooler.   =============================== 2000 R34 GTR fob Japan USD41,900.-+ sea freight (your country) 68,000km around Photos available. Coil overs, Kisenon, HKS turbo timer, EVC,ARC radiator, Mine rear wing, front- […]

1995 nissan skyline gtr r33 bcnr33 rb26dett sale import japan

May 11, 2010

2011 May 1995 Nissan skyline GTR 2.6G Model-BCNR33 MT 61,000km aorund. MIssion–5MT(replaced into “push type” Original kisenon head lamps, USA-make security system. Kg-m/1.20kg/cm2 settings, Apexi ppwer-FC, FC comander, AVC-R Engine-Laynik  make Racing R34 N1 engine, Laynik street cam(66-IN8.58/EX8.28 lift) Apexi silde cam pully, HKS strengthened timing belt, Z32 aier flowx2, Apexi power intake papaer filter, […]