1995 3.0 m3 b #BMW #E36 #M3 #for #sale #japan


1995 bmw M3 B E36 MT 120,000km around 3.0G


good working condition.

drive shaft–good.
The cars goes streight.




2002 bmw m3c MT 98,000km around.

Electric roof function broken-needs to repaired,

Air bag lamp on–fix please, HID head lights

bilstein coil overs. Good working condition.

2002 bmw m3c for sale in japan 98k

2002 bmw m3c for sale in japan 98k-1


2002 bmw m3c for sale in japan 98k-2


2002 bmw m3c for sale in japan 98k-3




1994 BMW M3B coupe MT5 3.0G 114,000km around.

Very nice condition. color-black.

Photos available, ask us bbs 17 inch AW+ SR.
fob Japan Yen690,000.- sharp.

Photos  photos  photos


1994 E36 3.0G MT5 98,000km around.

Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan #501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006 ks.nra30133@gmail.com tel fax +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must)

http://111kuroyanagi1.wordpress.com/ https://nagoyajapan1.wordpress.com/ http://kuroyanagi1excavator.wordpress.com/


5 Responses to “1995 3.0 m3 b #BMW #E36 #M3 #for #sale #japan”

  1. Hi, is this e36 M3 still for sale? I am very interested in this car..

  2. amjad tahboub Says:

    I will call you today and meet you in Nagoya. I want this car please
    Thank you

    • Thanks, but new customer not yet, because
      my long established customers are in lthe long que already to
      purchase e30 M3, sorry to say.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  3. Hey sorry the question but is the e36 M3 still for sale ?

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