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I can recognize how much the ex-owner love this AE86.

Specs as per under.—-

Engine AE111 5 valves basis.
“Toda” forged racing pistons 82 pai
Cam range  Toda racing In–272. EX 288–high cams.
 Strengthened valve springs
Metal gaskets–Metal TRD basis
AE101 conrod, AE111 crank
Port–mirrow polished along with crank full blanced jobs done.
Sheet cut, Head polished.
Trust racing spark plugs IS08
OIl catch tank
TRD 3 speeds Cross
TRD LSD 4 pinions–2 ways
Final gears ratio—4.6
Trust, cosil over kit–pretty expensive
 ECU Freedom fir AE111 use
Simitaneous sparks
D jetro controlled
TRD 3S funnel for race use.
Fujitsubo exhaust manifold
Muffler–one off
 Radiator–2 layerd
Trust 10 stage oil cooler
 AE111 fry wheel
 Roll cage 7 points.
Cusco rateral rod
Deffi 3 sequential meters–oli, water, oil pressuure)
One off carbon panels,
Brid semi bucket seats.
Front hub bearings were replaced for right and left
 Strengthened cell motor
Big capacitied fuel pump new
Clutch master cylinder–repalced.
Clutch fulid, Breaks fuid replaced
Engine mission oil and def oil exhanged.
I am suare that this GT-V Art is itself.
I feel ex^-owners love for AE86.

One Response to “#1987 #toyota #corolla #levin #AE86 #GT-V #for #sale #Japan”

  1. rory conway Says:

    is this car still available?

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