#Nissan #skyline #R33 #BCNR33 #GTR #for sale in #japan

Attaboy somebody did it. I’m over the moon race results

Yo folks, that is nifty engine sounds as per down


BCNR33=R33 but, American should
use the former, "cause
R33 means in a way that skyline 2.5G ECR33
turbo which is used for BCNR33 GTR mods. I am very confusing sometimes, US dued.

1995 skyline BCNR33 RB26dett MT 130,000km around.

Sudden high RPM good. Gear all smooth operations.

Sudden high RPM good.
Gear all smooth operations.

fob Japan USD8,700.-

1995 nissan skyline R33 GTR bcnr33 rb26dett for sale in japan 130k-2

1995 nissan skyline R33 GTR bcnr33 rb26dett for sale in japan 130k-3



1997 Nissan skyline bcnr33 78,000km around GTR 2.6G

1997 nissan skyline r33 bcnr33 gtr for sale in japan

1997 nissan skyline r33 bcnr33 gtr for sale in japan-1

1997 nissan skyline r33 bcnr33 gtr for sale in japan-2


1995 Nissan skyline R33 BCNR33 GTR MT kn-un-known.

800ps-1.5 boost.

GT 3037 tiwn turbos
Head tuned
Injectors  1000ccx6
Os Cross mission
Os triple plate clutch
ROM modified.
Boost controller
Roll cage
OUrs bid ready for prepay of fob japan amount




1995 Nissan skyline GTR Model BCNR33 MT 140,000km around

fob Japan Yen760,000.- Photos ask us, sending right away.

Engine sudden dash RPM  is good.


Water tempreture–stabke–good>

4WD ,ABS lamp on. Right now 2wd funtion is operated, reasoning that after lamp on, full time 4WD into

2wd running mode.


1995 Nissan skyline GTR 2.6G Model-BCNR33 MT 61,000km aorund.

MIssion–5MT(replaced into “push type”

Original kisenon head lamps, USA-make security system.

Kg-m/1.20kg/cm2 settings,

Apexi ppwer-FC, FC comander, AVC-R

Engine-Laynik  make Racing R34 N1 engine, Laynik street cam(66-IN8.58/EX8.28 lift)

Apexi silde cam pully, HKS strengthened timing belt,

Z32 aier flowx2, Apexi power intake papaer filter,

front pipe,HKS old sports type catlic converter, Apexi manual tppe EVC,

Prof-make dual Muffler, Apexi GT spec radiator typeR(aluminum 3 layer), Apexi reserva tank

Intercooler, Apexi dragl/C typeB), Oil cooler–OIl max side tank type O/C, Oild filter is transferred.

Apexi AX7582 turbin, Stailess manifold,Apexi water-cooled W/G(open air)

Brembo caliper(F/R) Biot-make slit roter,

Exedy-make hiper multi twin clutch, 2way LSD,

Apexi N1 dumper Apexi spring 9kg/mm

Apexi 340km full scale meter, Apexi AVC-R(boost controller)-Not being controlled by

Power FC. Addional meters–Apexi boost,oil,oil pressure, exhaust tempreture meters)

AW-Curbing Stark 18×10.0J, Tires–Advance Neova, One offOil-catch tank with one off window washer tank)

Nismo carbon intercooler guide,German-make millar maker-

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working
Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

Mobile phone is for my established customer only


HKS japan    http://www.hksjapan.co.jp/

Trust Co.   http://www.trust-power.com/

Apexi Corporation   http://www.apexi.com/

Brembo japan    http://www.brembo.com/JPN/

NISSAN MOTOR CORPORATION    http://www.nissan.co.jp/EN/


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  1. Hi I’ve been wanting to have a car like this for a long time please contact me as soon as you can let me know
    how can we make this deal

  2. faizel paulse Says:

    looking for r33 vspec do u ship to SOUTH AFRICA u can cal me on 0027822266105

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