Nissan pulsar GTIR turbo 4WD #sale RNN14 #japan #for

1992 Nissan pulsar MT GTIR 2.0 4wd 60,000kms around.

Good working conditions as it is. ne push gas pedal gives the highest RPM right a way.

The remainder of clutch is good enough.


1992 nissan skyline rnn14 4wd turbo mt for sale in japan



1991 Nissan pulsar Gtir turbo MT 153,000km around.

SR20DET, good working condition.Model:RNN14

1991 nissan pulsar rnn14 gtir sr20det for sale japan 153k

1991 nissan pulsar rnn14 gtir sr20det for sale japan 153k-1

1991 nissan pulsar rnn14 gtir sr20det for sale japan 153k-2


1991 RNN14 GTIR turbo MT fob Japan Yen230,000.-

2011 NOV.21


1990 pulsar RNN14 150,000km 2.0G 4WD fob Yen350,000.-+ sea freight USD1,300.-Engine, mission and turbo good working condition , NIssan, for sale, japan.

pulsa GTIR

Payment–bank wire transfer beforeshipment in Japan. Before TT.
we provide you 2 IDs. Passport and Japan drivers licese


Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working
Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

Mobile phone is for my established customer only

12 Responses to “Nissan pulsar GTIR turbo 4WD #sale RNN14 #japan #for”

  1. Colin Ebel Says:

    I am interested in the 1990 Nissan pulsar GTIR turbo 4WD sale RNN14.
    I am wondering if you can get back to me with the price of the car, and the cost of shipping to Canada. Thank you

    • Thanks, Colin,
      Right I am so busy in exporting used cars to buyers,

      PS, Canadian bound, I am professional rust and dirtyness which Canada custom house are miticulous about.

      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  2. A nice car, but what is the quotation C.I.F Mombasa? how do we get replies for quotations? iam worried as i have already one inquiry you haven’t yet responded to, and this is the second one.

  3. robert morris Says:

    i need the price for shipment to florida,us

    • Thanks for inquiry, Robert.
      USA is the most conservative contry in importing used cars in the world,
      because All USA folks cannot import used cars on account of EPA refulations. Aus, Ireland, UK, Canada,NZ can import, but USA.

      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  4. Hiii….your news is nice….is good for me thank’s

  5. do you still have pulsar?

  6. How much in Canadian dollars for shipping to Vancouver BC Canada?

  7. Darren Thomas Says:

    this cannot be available still??.. is it ??

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