1999 toyota corolla levin AE111 bz r BZR for sale (ae111) bz-r




1999 toyota corolla ae111 bzr 1.6 MT 190,000kms around.

Good working condition.

1999 toyota corolla ae111 bzr 1.6 for sale in japan

clutch–good. a gears smooth operations.

1999 toyota corolla ae111 bzr 1.6 for sale in japan 1

1.6G one gas pedal produce
very quick high RPM


1999 toyota corolla ae111 bzr 1.6 for sale in japan 190k-1 used cars

drive shaft–good, Coil overs–Tein




1997 toyot acorolla levin BR1.6 MT 107,000km around.

As it is not 180,000km, but 107,000km around, not  cheap though,

Good working condition, engine suddend dash RPM good.

1997 toyota corolla levin ae111 1.6 bzr for sale in japan 107k

drive shaft--good. gear shifts--smooth operations.

drive shaft–good. gear shifts–smooth operations.

gear smooth operation,piston rings--good, sudden dash RPM--good, drive shaft--good. turbin--good/

gear smooth operation,piston rings–good, sudden dash RPM–good, drive shaft–good.


2000 toyota corolla levin ae111 xz MT 174,000km around> 1.6G

Payment  advance+pay before the auction note


2012 feb>

1998 toyota sprinter trueno BZR MT 140,000km around.



2012 feb-offered date.

2000 AE111 BZR   http://wp.me/pg0YO-19c


1997 corolla ae111 BZ-R MT 125,000km around

Payment be on time before that please(established customers)

Muffler, coil overs–super strat gab


2011 July

1997 levin AE111 5 vlves 6MT 100,000km around. SSS, BZR

Payment arrival be on time before that,please (establishd customer only)

Roght estimate–ex yard 15~16 around. JPN inland transport;Yen15,000 around.


1999 corolla levin AE111  fully loaded 130,000km around.

f 1.6G MT6. Photos available


1999 toyota corolla levin AE111 BZR MT fully loaded 100,000km around.

Engine,mission good working condition. 20 valves.

1999 ae111 bzr 100k

1999 ae111 bzr 100k-11999 ae111 bzr 100k-2

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 just leave your message
in the answering machine


Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge
E-mail first,
Mobile phone changed, because JPN mobile system is very out of date
My new mobile is only for established customer only


TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION     http://www.toyota-global.com/

HKS japan    http://www.hksjapan.co.jp/

Trust Co.   http://www.trust-power.com/

Apexi Corporation   http://www.apexi.com/

Brembo japan    http://www.brembo.com/JPN/

TRD TOYOTA PARTS            http://www.trdparts.jp/english/

One Response to “1999 toyota corolla levin AE111 bz r BZR for sale (ae111) bz-r”

  1. Another offer by Kuroyanagi shouten;

    1998 toyota corolla levin MT 130,000km MOdel AE111
    1.6G , photos available, ask us them.
    fob Japan Yen310,000.-
    AW–a bit nuque–blue

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