honda civic ek9 type R vtec sale

2010 feb 20. offer–1999 EK9





707)1998 Civic type R MT EK9–EK9 is symbol of Vtec 130,000km 1.6G . EK4 is not symbol of Vtec .

This is simply what I think, but yours. Do not feel bad, customers. Type R is more impressive than that of EK4. *I have buye in Ireland, His name-David who love 1.5G Vtec such as VTI grade or model EG9 ferio-

He is not fond of coupe, but 4 doors, so many different of tastes, folks. As mechancis, I inspect computer

too, some are bad evne if auction grade–4.0 or 3.5. Whenever ECR is not re-adjusted, things like ghost existing. Idling unstable, accelations matter etc occuers without no pushing petal–ECR rest is hoped for

The home here belong to the main, others are for sub.

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403

E-mail only please, ecause night and days get upside downs with each other

Whenever you are lost, sign in, in googleweb. There are2 type of googleweb, sign in or signe out.
sign in or out location is right upper portion in goodle seach web

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1998 EK9 vtec MT fully loaded, white, red-recaro, Kakimito muffler,

white-AW, Apex muffler, fob Japan YEn626,000.- Photos available, ask us.

100,000km around. Oct.20.2009

5 Responses to “honda civic ek9 type R vtec sale”

  1. Plz get baq to me i Realy want to buy the honda ek asap

    • Thans, Recard

      Subejct–where is your final destination Port?

      If used cars import reguation down there, you never ever import used cars from Japan. Let me know about it>


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  2. have you sent car to malaysia before?

    let me know if you have, tq.

    • Thanks for inquiry, Mr deth,
      I used to exprort tons to Maylaisia in the past–Port , Kelan in Malyaisa. He is profofeesiona used car importer, so he has Maylaisian used car import permit. Seems to me that you are amatteur, so you must have petmit from Malusian goverment to import used cars, permits is pretty expensive, note.
      Take it easy, customer.

      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  3. Thanks for the reply.

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