1993 nissan cefiro CA31 rb20det turbo for sale in japan

1993/3 Nissan Cefiro LA31 2.0 MT turbo

113,000kms around.


Good working conditions.

fob japan Yen880,000.-

NIssan cefiro a31 rb20det turbo for sale in japan.


NIssan cefiro a31 rb20det turbo for sale japan





1990 NIssan cefiro MT 2.0G rb20det turbo 118,000km around.

good working condition. The model:CA31.

gear shifts all smooth operations. Sudden high RPM is right away donw by quick pedal push.


The turibn good, no leaks.
The drive shaft–good, no noise.

Kazuo Kuroyanai mechanical oriented used car exporter, no oil sludge after capped out.OIl metenace is quite import, auction grade wholcares, sir?

engien Idling stable–good.
Piston rings good along with good vaper out of exhaust pipe


Full payment before the my bid, otherwise no business,please.

After my bid succes, The remainder amount will be re- transferred to you

If the remainder balance +.

1990 A31 cefiro turbo MT 190,000km around.

RB20DET–engine. good working condition. 2.0G MT

Strengthened cltuch, roll cage,




1992 nissan cefiro A32 2.5G MT turbo.


engine mods–RB25DE+ turbo(ECR33 use) 160,000km.

(for your reference:A31 turbo engine RB20-2.0G turbo)

1992 nissan cefiro turbo sale japan 160k


1992 nissan cefiro turbo sale japan 160k-1


1992 nissan cefiro turbo sale japan 160k-2

Malaysia importer must have import permit, otherwise no business.

5 holws, 32 caliper,coil overs.

wastegater( a bit echaust leaks)
 front side type inter-cooler
Non-nissan brand ECU




NIssan cefiro MT5 2500cc turbo (engine-rb25det, not rb20det-2.0G) with inter cooler.

km-un-known fob Japan Yen350,000.- around.

Paymentfull advance before that-use car import license a must

1992 nissan cefiro a31 rb25 turbo for sale japan not rb20det

1992 nissan cefiro a31 rb25 turbo for sale japan not rb20det.-1


2100 Nov.4

1988 nissan cefiro MT no-turbo A31 2.0G 75,000km around.

Color-gun metalic fob Japan Yen200,000.- firm. (photos available right away).


2010 May 1989 A31 with SR20DET. LSD, MUffler, deff+

1989 model A31 Cefiro with SR20DET turbo


All sold out   http://wp.me/pfC9D-1O   http://wp.me/pg0YO-gw

April 2010


2010 April 9.

My mechanics policy

Used car is not for body condition, but engine itself such as engine sudden rotation by the sudden accelation, turbin function, Engine oil, Radiator water color, Oil cap sludge trace,Gear feeling, transmission time lag, Naturally I inspect voltage for any cars, Drive shaft, Emission color, Most buyers just care about only body condition. If the engine is bad, the car is just white elephant and just box. Please change what you think toward used cars if you do not want to lose money. Body repair is just nothing, but Engine repair mount to tons of bucks. Auction is very risky site if the bidder has not machanics-oriented mind. Why customers care about only body? Most JPN car exporters do not have mechanics knowledge. Thier decidion to bid in auctions is like this they bid for the used car as long as engine is rotated as it is on the spot. They do not care for the long span of engine. Voltage check is important–Full batt recharge with alternator breaks-down is in a short time car can run, but later on very big probelem from Japan to overseas. because it take long time for such covering car to reach to your place. See alternator breaks down–lots extra addional charges must be added on the way to you place. Engine blowing rising dgree+sudden high RPM is important with sudden accelation let alone free ECU and solex equipment. Turbin noise is out of question. Boost pressure is normal range story, not 1.3 or something. Metal gasket is sometime in need.


2010 Mar 28. I used to drive1988  A31 turbo AT as my business car. I exported lots to Aus so far(they love MT, but I love AT in Japan). Cefiro’s weak point is PS line which is likely to have oil leak oftentimes. Engine is very strong-streight6 whose engine sound is very very specific,

RB20DET engine is very spcific anyway. BNR32 engine is good,too RB26DETT. T88 turbin-BNR32 GTR is just art-quarter mile–9.1 seconds-idling is very unstable–because high boost presuure. GT2540 twin turbin is out of question. T88 34D single turbin, while T87 33D turbin also exist whose power is less than that of T88


1989 modle A31 MT 110,000km RB20DET. Turbin-2530. Mission-R33, Nismo-LSD. 2 layer copper radiator.

Racing plug-NO8. KB full tap height changer. Strethened tyrod. HKS Intercooler. Please step forward to think that this cefiro is expensive. Added vlaued A31 is duly one of a kind.

The home here belong to the main, others are for sub.


Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansWering machines working,


Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge ks.nra30133@gmail.com



Communication is only e-mail,please
My mobile phone +8190-4542-xxxx is only for established customer


_______2009 JUNE.24_______Offer

1988 A31 cefito turbo MT fully loaded, water,oil,oil pressure,echasut tempreture,boost,

LSD, hight changer

1988 A31 120k

1988 A31 120k-1

1988 A31 120k-2

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6 Responses to “1993 nissan cefiro CA31 rb20det turbo for sale in japan”

  1. Nice car,.
    How much?
    Is this with RWC?
    I am in Melb.
    Can you help me with buying a car in japan and bringing it here?

    • Thanks for inquiry, Helmar I will answer back the price to your personal e-mail. Without RAWS permits of Aus, you can import 1988 and down A31 turbo only. 1989–NO in your case.
      You must have Aus RAWS permit ti import 1989 A31 cefiro turbo.
      1988 and down A31–you can import without RAWS permit.

      I can bring A31 to Melbourne Port, but you proceed in your import procesure all by yourself in MElborne.

      RWC is out of my understanding.


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  2. Anslem Brathwaite Says:

    How do i buy a a31 Cefiro in japan and bring it to trinidad and tobago to license

    • thanks for inquiry A31, I did not understand the meaning of license,so is there somethng wrong
      about your lisense? Need more explanations of yours,please.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  3. what is the price ? how much to ship this to trinidad?

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