Honda civic ferio EG9 for sale vtec SIR japan import Mods

Mechanical japanese car exporter

used car inspections are quite important. Dis-regard each auciton grade, because not relyable at all.



1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods

140,000kms around. manual.

Engine OH donw in the Toda racing factory.

ATS carbon clutch,

One off Tita Muff+

Quantun coil overs Carbon bonnet<

Racing cargon truck.

Mugen exhaust Manifold.

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k-1

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k-2

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k-4

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k-5

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k-7

1991 honda civic ferio eg9 sir spoon engine b16b 1.8 mods for sale in japan 140k-6


2 seats.


1992 honda civic eg9 1.6 DOHC Vtec 130,000km around.

good working condition. MT.

B16A Vtec sedan

B16A Vtec sedan



2017 updated

1995 honda civic ferio eg9 4 doors MT sir 1.6G 95,000km around.

good working condition. C&F your country 9,900.-

Vtec: B16A



engine sudden dash high RPM--good working. the drive shaft good

engine sudden dash high RPM–good working. the drive shaft good

1992 EG9 si MT 120,000km aroudn SIR 1.6G

Pay-be on time before that, or no busoness please

(Not deposit, but full amount)



1996 honda civic EG9 5MT 82,000km around SIR Vtec

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working
Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

Mobile phone is for my established customer only

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41 Responses to “Honda civic ferio EG9 for sale vtec SIR japan import Mods”

  1. how much to ship to port chester new york 10573 …..and does this civic 4 door have a moon roof

    • Americans cannot import it because of USA used car regualtion.
      I told tons of poeple the same thing, sorry to say.
      ONly US folks are un-happy I am sure, because only USA
      cannot import right hand drive used cars from Japan.

      Other tons of contires are all free to import. Sometimes I wonder what sort of contry it is as to used car import.


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  2. honda civic ferio EG-9 1.6 v-tec got manual?

  3. do u still ur SiR??? and how much do you want for it???

  4. I cannot ship to used cars to America which is very svere import regulations down there. Even now CKD export from Japan to the US is very tough, while the past time was different, reasoning that I used to Nissan skyline BNR34 without ECU by container to LA. One ECU-out was good enogh for US custom house passing, not now
    Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  5. can u ship to philippines? how much will be the total cost?

    • Hellow Kirwin,
      Subject’honda Civic EK4 Vtec for sale japan

      As to Phillipine bound used cars from Japan, right hand drive used cars are prohibited along with year restrictions down there.
      Do you have special contacts down there or something? IN Phillipine used cars, special contacts down there all the time counts.


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

      • actually, im thinking of cutting the car since what we would be needing are the parts.. engine, roof, interior, etc. would that be possible? ived heard some people ships half cut cars so the parts can be used for another car.

      • Hi Kazuo-san,

        I’m also interested. We can cut the cars in half (declare it as junk) so that it can be delivered here in the Philippines.

        I have a friend that lives in Nagoya, I can arrange the payments if you can give me an estimate on how much the car and shipping will cost. Thanks.


  6. Thansk for inquiry, Richard. I have my own yard for front clip.
    Phillipne import yardsu such as Sebu or or whereever in Phillipnes is sometimes dangerous, our shipment partly stolen that time–thne money loss. As long as Port down there is guranteed down there in the Port yard,
    a bit hard for me to do business .


    Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  7. do you still have this car? i’m from australia and wanting to buy a EG9 Ferio SiR.

    • Thanks, Jhon, YOu are from Aus, then do you have RAWS used car import permit? Aus professional used car importer have RAWS permit more or less, because I export used cars to them.
      So individual car import must buy RAWS permit from such Aus professional used car importer. If you would like to check the definition of RAES permit, just put RAWS permit in google seach.

      IN Melbourne and Brisbane area, tons of professional used car importers are gathered togaher.

      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  8. hey i have a ferio 93 im wonderin im in america how much would one be here

    • Thaks for inquiry, Pero.
      America case, you can import over 25-year-old-car only, otherwise you cannot import by US EPA used car import regulatins.
      I already toyota land cruiser BJ46 which is 1982, so that that one is over 25 yearld old. Thing like that. IF I can export many used cars to the US, Toyota Motor Co. Ltd here cannot export brand new left hand drive cars to the US–I means Toyota brand new sales voulume decreased, that is the reason. Toyota and NIssan is protected by Obama treaty. I am so angry such treaty between Japan to the US.


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  9. Hey, just wondering if you could get me the ferio interior and ship it to Toronto?

  10. ready to buy Ek4 Says:

    I really want to buy a Ek4.. im a genuine buyer a was wondering if u got a any Ek4 (RED).. Il be honest i dont know how this import game work so i have trust for this site… Any quotes to import to the uk (birmingham).. pls reply thanks… p.s im look to turbo the ek4 as i street race alot..

  11. hi….
    i’m from malaysia….if u have any honda civic car like EK or EG….i intereted to buy it…if u have any halfcut car too??…..

    • Thanks for inquiry, Do you have Malysia used car import permission? I can sell vtec anytime you like.

      Malysia pro used car importer has used car permission, but not
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  12. i like your honda ferio and since its limited in our country.. how muxh to ship to philippines?

  13. Albert Deutsch Says:

    Do you sell front clips? i want a ferio SI R front clip and rear trunk/wing… also interior parts like seats and others… im sure front clip can be shipped easily here to America, thanks

  14. hello.. do you still have this eg9 ferio manual?? how much ship to brunei darussalam??

  15. do you have any eg9s for sale how much all in to ireland thanks

    • Thanks inquiry as for B16A Vtec ferio
      fob Japan Yen360,000.- and up which is going rate now in Japan. KM-un-known condition. If 100,000km is more expensive
      than fob japan Yen360,000.-
      I can offer to you anytime–fob japan Yen360,000 and up.
      Let me know
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

  16. jared stacey Says:

    I’m pretty sure you can ship this to the states.

  17. hi mate i would like to know iff u can import to the uk and how much would it bee..i am interested in a few intergra dc2 engines and a few eg9 -b16a2 .civic ef sedan 4door box shape. They must all bee manuel.please let me know.thanks

    • Hellow Nathan as to eg9,
      It has been sold already. Arae you in a position to wait for new eg9 offer of mine fooner or later ?

      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

      • yes mate i would bee interested in that.but it would have to bee a silver one or the same coler as that green one you had..,could u tell me the prices and stuff to send the up to the uk,and what is the prices on the eg9’ns there,,

  18. any genuine jap eg9 sir’s for sale, would love a red one? im from ireland

  19. Hi 🙂 Can you ship to Bulgaria? How much will be the total cost?

  20. i’m looking for eg9 sir…can u ship to Malaysia and how much the total cost?

  21. Ola M.S Says:

    Looking for a Honda Civic EG9, 4 Door, Red, Not to styled, OEM Interior. Possible to import to Norway?

  22. sir, how much will cause to ship here in UAE Dubai. Honda civic eg9 eg6 or ek9. just sent me an email sir. thanks awaiting for response.

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